Videos and Podcasts

Some videos and podcasts from my A Very Minor Prophet tour. Enjoy with coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

Back Page with Jody Seay

30-minute interview with Jody Seay about the making of the novel, the Edict of Milan, and why I wrote a novel that attempts to simultaneously convert Christians into atheists, and atheists into Christians.

Other People Podcast

A surprisingly sincere conversation with Brad Listi, in which we discuss the pitfalls of doing publicity without writing, or writing without doing publicity. Also, is it possible for Gen Xers to stop being ironic?

Honey Hunter

A short radio interview with Honey Hunter on Radio Free Santa Fe KBAC. Is Portland really like they portray it in Portlandia? Is there a way to keep the dream of the 90’s alive?

Totally Random Video Interview with Raccoon

A guy who identifies himself as Raccoon shows up at The Betterday Coffee Shop in Santa Fe, sticks a camera in my face, and asks me why I moved to Portland from San Francisco. It shows up on the Internet 24 hours later. Life is weird.

Sprockets Podcast

Quite possibly the worst interview I’ve ever done, where I flail my way through describing the plot of A Very Minor Prophet to two bike enthusiasts. Somewhere around the mid-point, one of the interviewers blows beer out his nose.