World Leader Pretend

My novel World Leader Pretend, debuted in 2007. It’s available in bookstores. I’m sure you can buy it for a penny by now on Amazon, but it would be pretty cool if you walked into your local bookstore and ordered it from them. I’m kind of poor.

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly and the School Library Journal wrote.

From Publishers Weekly

Debut novelist Frost captures the messy, human interaction of the Internet with the story of 32-year-old failed dot-commer Xerxes Meticula, who plays an online multiplayer strategy game called the Realm with allies as diverse as a technician in Antarctica and an exploited teen girl in Bangkok. Xerxes organizes his life online in ways that he cannot match in real life, where his twin sister, Gabriella, is struggling with schizophrenia and his business partner, Zahn Mendoza, is marrying Xerxes’s ex-girlfriend. In the Realm, though, he is in control, until he runs into the Two-Headed Boy, a four-time game winner who’s a quadriplegic former world-class skier. They set their rivalry aside after one of its online victims becomes a real-life suicide. (Mar.)

From School Library Journal

Adult/High School—Xerxes Meticula is a 30-year-old man whose million-dollar dot-com company failed spectacularly. He is living in his parents’ basement, trying to deal with his schizophrenic twin sister. He also has a virtual life in the massive multiplayer online game The Realm. In fact, most of the main characters in this debut novel are Realm players, and this is the story of the gamers and their “real” and “virtual” lives. From the ex-Olympic skier who is now a quadriplegic to the 14-year-old street orphan befriended by the owner of an Internet café in Thailand, all of the figures in this intriguing story are vividly drawn and fascinating to know. The title of the novel comes from a song by the rock band R.E.M., and all of the chapters open with lyrics from songs. Teens will like World Leader because Frost ultimately is writing about the connections between people and how those connections can fail or succeed in the manmade world of The Realm or in the real time, real world of the 21st century.—Jane Halsall, McHenry Public Library District, IL