A Very Minor Prophet

Hawthorne Books


"Bucking a headwind of despair, Frost pedals his verbal bicycle into the belly of the Beast, only to return bearing a brand-new Gospel illuminated with Voodoo cream and composed in the edgy vernacular of Portland’s thriving freak scene."

-Tom Robbins


"To date only Gus Van Sant has depicted the grim, dim, greasy, cramped world of Portland, Oregon. Now James Bernard Frost has given us the best novel, ever, about this strange underground world of misfits and heroes."

–Chuck Palahniuk

"Frost’s provocative story crawls through the guts of a subculture-of inner eastside hipsters, Stumptown grounds, tall bikes and dive bars, occasionally pedaling free of the farce and rain and disaffection to ascend the city’s hills and the walls of the Columbia River Gorge. His double-columned, letter-sized pages incorporate an anarchic cut-and-paste aesthetic, furthering this novel Portland narrative, which is itself a gospel worth spreading."

-The Oregonian